Server Management Services

A server Manager role of Server management has the general control of a server. This is for the most part with regards to a business association. where a server manager regulates the execution and state of servers and PC on Network.
Most businesses doesn’t pay attention to server management until some thing goes incorrect. they are also deprive of latest server management tools and trends.
Servers play important role in business performance and management. Server need to be secure, reliable and dependable. For best operation they need to be check, managed by professional Server Manager.
 Windows Server Administration
Windows Server Administration is an advanced computer networking includes
* server installation and configuration,
* server roles,
* storage, Active Directory and Group Policy,
* file, print and web services,
* Remote access,
* vitalization,
* application servers,
* troubleshooting,
* performance and reliability.
The Server Administrator’s is also part of following
* configuration of servers & PC for different business capacities.
* Incorporates guarantee accessibility of client/server applications
* designing new usage and procedures.
* Techniques for progressing administration of the server condition.
Treesbiz Offers Server Management for following
1) Dedicated Server online or offline
2) Cloud Server
3) Email and Network Server Management
4) VPS Server
5) Database Server
6) Backup Server